A Guide To Microblading

Microblading is the new buzzword on the lips of anyone interested in having a hair stroke eyebrow. Naturally, there are hefty amounts of misconceptions about it. Well, this is a form of a permanent makeup that provides means to partial or full camouflage missing. Here is a complete guide to microblading for anyone looking to give it a try.

How It Is Done

This one-hour procedure starts when the beautician outlines the desired shape of your brows and allows (will periodically) you to check yourself out in the mirror before you proceed with the appointment. The outlined area is where the beauty technician will work within when microblading your arches. Subject to your satisfaction, the beautician cleans your brow to remove any strays. Then, an anesthetic cream is applied to numb the skin and help make the entire process painless. Once the desired brows are traced, the beautician uses a state-of-the-art hand tool that allows her to create thin superficial cuts in and along your brow, and then deposit a pigment over the arches so it can seep into the hair-like wounds he/she had created.


In some cases, there may be some minor swelling and some redness, but it should disappear within hours. Microblading is semi-permanent and only lasts for up to three years. However, a touch up is necessary after 12months otherwise; they will ultimately fade away by the 18th month. On average, the microblading can cost from $500 to $1400 depending on location or artist’s expertise.

Microblading Is Ideal For

Foxy Brow Microblading can be done to anyone, but this beauty treatment is more fit to those with bald spots in their brows, anyone with thinning eyebrows, or people who have over-plucked.

Safety Precautions You Need To Put In Place

Just like any cosmetic procedure, this process should be safe if you are extra cautious about your salon of choice. Safety is a very crucial factor to consider, as some inexperienced beauty technician would totally ruin your brows. Be sure to do your research well. Read genuine reviews on specific salon of choice, the level of experience of particular beauty technicians. These will significantly reduce your risk of infection and ensure you get the best quality treatment.


In summary, if you are sick tired of having to draw over your eyebrow using an eyebrow pencil, then microblading is all you need to achieve your ideal shade and shape without having to trace it out every single day.