How to design a t-shirt

A lot of people find t-shirts designed to be an interesting and unique form of creativity. You can have your t-shirts designed anywhere, all that is needed is a design tool that you can access online. You can easily customize your shirt with an online t-shirt design tool. There are some procedures that you need to follow when designing t-shirts. nana shirts customized t-shirts are designed using same procedures. Here are procedures that are crucial in the online design of t-shirts.

Representation of your t-shirtpurpose

It is very important that you know what you want to be represented in your t-shirt before you utilize an online t-shirt design tool. The design choice can be a promotional design, a symbol to convey specific information to people or reflect objectives of a business or company.

The choice of design entirely depends on the customization purpose. For example, a t-shirt designed for promoting awareness of a business or a logo required for a company. Using logos for company awareness promotion has worked for many companies. You can design t-shirts with images that are personal or public domain images found online. You can also use drawings to represent t-shirts, and use colors to enhance the drawings vividity.


Color choice is very vital for the t-shirt design online. Using contrasting colors will bring out the beauty of a t-shirt that is designed well. Knowing the right colors that will blend well with a dark or bright colored background is important especially when the t-shirt is printed. Some designs look fabulous on the computer buy bad on the t-shirt that is printed.

Addition of dimension

This gives a t-shirt brightens your design and add extra depth to the t-shirt design. You can add dimension to your design by using t-shirt software that has a high capacity for manipulation or utilization of link for creating vector outline.

Balanced design

You must also ensure your design is balanced. Every feature in the design has to be cohesive. These cohesive features of the t-shirt design attract people’s attention compared to designs that have scattered elements.

Placement of design

balancingYou have to decide where to place your design of thsirt. It can be on the side, at the bottom, top or center of the t-shirt. You can choose to design the back or the front of the t-shirt. The purpose of designing will determine where you will place the design. Promotional t-shirts designs, for instance, the design needs to be placed at the center of your t-shirt.

You can easily design your t-shirt for personal as well as promotional use by following these steps.